What Products Do You Use?

For Hair Color, the main line I use is Organic Colour Systems.

  • 95% naturally derived and 60% certified organic ingredients.

  • Dermatologically tested and patented permanent hair colour formula.

  • Designed to work harmoniously with the biology and structure of the hair.

  • Free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, gluten and GMO ingredients.

  • No nasty chemical smell

  • Cruelty-free and Vegan

I also love to use OWAY and O&M for hair color and highlighting.

For hair care and styling, I use Innersense Organic Beauty. They are a California based beauty company that specialize in products for curly hair, although I think their products are great for all hair types.

I also love to use CULT + KING for styling. They are a beautiful botanical-based line with simple, multi-use products that are great for all hair types.

Does Any of the Color Contain PPD?

PPD is one of the important components that makes hair color have its "color" and is necessary even in organic color. However, Organic Colour Systems has the lowest percentage of PPD than any other brand available and is low enough to be considered PPD-Free. I think it is important to be completely transparent with the ingredients so I will never say that it is PPD-Free.

I also offer O+M and Oway’s Hnectar line which are great for those with higher sensitivities and allergies as they are both completely PPD free permanent hair color.

If you have any further questions about the ingredients in the haircolor I use, please contact me here. I will gladly send you an ingredient list for your reference.

Does Organic Hair Color Cover Up Gray Hair?

It is AMAZING for gray coverage! Since there is no ammonia in the color, my process is to first soften up the cuticle of the hair so it easily absorbs the color. The way to do this is to first shampoo the hair and then apply a pre-treatment, depending on the condition of your hair, to get the hair prepped for the color. The color is actually applied to wet hair instead of dry hair, then I use a heat cap that uses your body heat to process. The end result is always a beautiful, soft blend of color that grows out gorgeously and never looks too harsh.

Is the Color Safe to Use if Pregnant?

I have served many pregnant women and have even used the color myself while pregnant and believe it is perfectly safe during the developmental stage. However, I do advise if you have any concerns please contact your OB/Physician with the ingredients for their reference. I can email you the ingredients for the hair color if requested, please contact me here.

Are Your Products Vegan and Cruelty Free?

I am a huge advocate for animals and will always use products that are cruelty free. Organic Colour Systems, Oway, O&M and Cult + King are completely vegan, while Innersense Beauty have products that contain beeswax and honey that is sustainably and ethically sourced.

If you have any more questions, concerns or comments, please do no hesitate to contact me via email or text here. I look forward to hearing from you!