New Collaboration with Prism of Threads

Excited to announce my latest apothecary collaboration with Tracy of Prism of Threads! We created some special items just for the holidays that are available NOW on her site.


"Guardian Mist is inspired by healing plants that have been used for centuries to establish sacred space. Your body is a temple, and this blend is the offering. White Sage purifies and rejuvenates the skin, Rose nourishes and protects, and Lavender calms the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Copal and Palo Santo are native to Mexico and South America and have been used by shamans to purify and cleanse.

This mist is a perfect addition to your daily beauty ritual. Use on body, face and environment. I personally love to use this mist as a recharge, after bathing (or instead of bathing), and just before meditation. "


"Enhance your self-care ritual and cleansing experience with this 6" Red Stoneware corked jar in Power Turquoise. Each vessel is handmade with care, thus each one will vary slightly in color and pattern. Comes with  8oz of detoxifying bath salt made of Dead Sea Salt, Aloe, Sea Kelp and Eucalyptus Essential Oil."


"Indulge your sacred feminine spirit with this beautiful floral based handcrafted Divine Goddess soap. Organic essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood and Lavender, naturally colored with Rose Clay. Topped with healing flowers and herbs."


"Wander through the Indigo Forest with this earthy blend of Vetiver and Clary Sage. Naturally colored with Indigo, French Green Clay, Kelp and Rosehip Seed. Indigo has been used in traditional medicine from ancient China to ancient Greece for its alkaline healing properties. "