The Ether Collection is now available at Sisters of the Black Moon!

My latest collaboration with the amazing ladies at Sister of the Black Moon is now available on their site!

This gorgeous line of products, aptly called "Ether", which in astrological terms means the "heavens" or the space beyond the earth's atmosphere. Ether is also considered in ancient and medival civilizations to "fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and the planets".

100% natural handcrafted oil blend that is an intoxicating fusion of Bitter Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Amber. Unisex.

This all natural hair powder contains organic, oil-absorbing ingredients such as cornstarch, arrowroot powder and kaolin clay to keep hair refreshed and voluminous while lightly scented with our signature scent Ether. Suitable for all hair colors and textures.

Moisturize your skin naturally with this virgin coconut oil-based body butter, infused with our intoxicatingly addictive scent, Ether. Excellent after a long bath or shower.

Get your hands on this heavenly scent today, available exclusively at