Welcome to Naked Eye Beauty

Naked Eye Beauty represents my belief that we should be able to see what ingredients we put on our bodies everyday with the naked eye. That means simple, plant based beauty products with complete transparency and not hiding behind unnecessary preservatives, sulfates and fragrances, and also respecting our furry friends by being completely cruelty free. I am also a proud member of Green Circle Salons, which helps me create a 95% ZERO waste salon by recycling and repurposing all of my waste used on a daily basis.

I take great pride in creating an eco-friendly and clean air environment for my clientele. If you have any questions regarding ingredient listings, what products I use or any other hair related issue, please check my FAQ page or contact me via phone, text or email here. I look forward to serving you in all your natural hair and makeup needs.

Love + Light,

Jennifer Alden