Curly Shag Styling Tutorial

One of my goals this year was to start creating more content that will give some beauty inspiration thats easy and natural. Another goal was to also show my face a bit more so you all can see the real human being behind Naked Eye Beauty!

My hair is incredibly curly. Some days I really hate it, some days I just embrace and go with it. This video tutorial is how I style my hair to satisfy my dueling personality - I am a Gemini, after all :) You'll see my curly hair in all its glory and also how I like to style a more "relaxed" curly look. 

All the products I used are from Innersense Organic Beauty, which is what I use and sell at my salon studio. You can find out more information about Innersense here. I absolutely LOVE their products because of the pure ingredients of course, but also because of how simple and versatile each styling product is. I don't believe you need a million products to style your hair, you just need maybe one or two that can work for different needs. 

I hope you find this video inspiring/helpful/interesting! Please leave me any comments you have about styling and Innersense. I also would LOVE to know what videos you'd like to see from me in the future... I am cooking up some of my favorite makeup looks, some more ways hair styling tutorials, and even some natural beauty recipes you can make at home!

xo Jen