The Many Uses of Rosewater 🌹

Rosewater is a beautiful tonic of distilled rose petals, its scent is soft and easy, it hydrates the skin and refreshes on a hot day. But did you know you could also use Rosewater on your hair? 

Because of the hydrating nature of the rose petals, it works fantastic as a leave in conditioner and hydrator for your locks. I also really love to use it on my clients as a prep before a haircut and blow dry. 

One of my other favorite ways to use Rosewater is as a cleanser in the morning. I just soak a cotton pad and wipe my face, then Im ready for my SPF or Primer if Im wearing makeup. 

I have created my own Rosewater spray available at and at the salon for $16. One bottle with so many uses, its great for those with a minimal beauty routine.