My love of beauty came to me at a very early age. I always loved watching my mother do her makeup and hair and thought it was the most magical process of transformation. As I grew older, I began to seek inspiration from art, music and movies as I experimented with my hair and makeup to reflect my inner self exploration.

 In 2003, I saw an ad for a makeup school that I felt strangely drawn to and decided to enroll. After attending the school, I realized that being in the beauty industry was my calling and I immediately threw myself into it full force. For 14 years I freelanced as a makeup artist in Hollywood, working with celebrities and musicians, music videos and photoshoots. It was a dream come true.

 During my time as a makeup artist, I started to create my own lip balms and skin care after I was inspired by a book I read about the green beauty revolution. I also started to evaluate how toxic the beauty industry can be. After doing a lot of research, I was horrified to find what ingredients were in daily beauty products that were completely unnecessary and toxic to the human body. I set on a path to strictly use the cleanest products I could find and also created my own handmade beauty line, Naked Eye Beauty.

 In 2012, I enrolled in the Aveda Institute Los Angeles. Although I loved being a makeup artist, I felt like it was time for me to expand my skills and study hair. I had no idea that I would love learning about hair so much! After my training at Aveda, I reconnected with an old friend, Felicia Howe, and assisted at her salon Primrose Organics, which was one of the only organic and clean air salons in Los Angeles. Through my time at Primrose, it really solidified in me that doing hair and practicing clean, low-tox practices in the salon was my path and I haven’t stopped since.

After Primrose closed in late 2017 and I became a mother to an amazing baby boy named Donovan, I had to reflect on what I really needed to do to make a beautiful life balance between being an artist and being a mother. I knew that creating my own space would be the perfect situation to what I want my clients to see and feel as they experience the difference a clean air salon can really do for the body and soul.